College overview

“Mid Cheshire College: Where learning comes first”

Our aim is to provide a first-class, caring, learning environment for each of our 6,000+ students.

We are here to help you to reach your potential.

Mid Cheshire College has been awarded Beacon College status, acknowledging us as one of the best colleges in the country. Beacon status is the highest accolade in the world of further education.

What is Beacon Status?

Beacon status identifies and recognises the very best providers of the further education and skills sector. Beacons are a source of expertise and have agreed to, and willingly, share their expertise and good practice with other organisations. Activities involve advice and support for other providers, trialling new and innovative approaches, peer review and development, and representation on LSIS expert/reference groups.

Beacons, as exemplars and trusted partners, promote and pursue excellence and innovation. They provide a major impetus for the cultural changes needed for the whole sector in its move to becoming responsible for its own quality improvement and towards greater self regulation.