School Transition

Work With Schools

Mid Cheshire College is committed to building strong links with all local schools and supporting the progression of young people into further and higher education and apprenticeships.
Our transition coordinators offer access to an extensive range of activities designed to ensure that school leavers make all the right choices about their next move. Our programme is about raising aspirations, offering positive role models and enabling more young people to succeed and flourish by finding exactly the right course and support.

Activities on Offer:
Schools can request any of the activities outlined below. If school staff would like to work with us to offer bespoke events, we would be happy to discuss your ideas and develop sessions with you.

Information Sessions for School Staff
We know that school staff will get asked questions every day about what learners can do as a next step. Our Transition Coordinators can visit your school to deliver sessions on developments in Further Education, vocational qualifications and apprenticeships. Or schools can visit the college to see our impressive facilities for themselves and talk to students and tutors here.

Careers Events, Parents Events and Option Choices Events
Transition Coordinators will be happy to support these events by attending with information, advice and guidance for learners and their families. We will attend events up to Year 13 to discuss further and/or higher education pathways, and will help out with mock interviews whenever possible.

Taster Days
We offer taster days (or shorter sessions) for groups of students with an interest in a particular vocational area. School groups can join in an existing class or experience a session designed specifically for them.

1:1 Advice and Guidance Sessions
Our transition coordinators are fully qualified to deliver advice and guidance, and can offer individual sessions for learners who are uncertain what to do next or where courses might lead them. Any in-depth advice & guidance will include written notes summarising the advice given.

Specialist Subject Sessions
We can arrange for specialist subject tutors to deliver sessions in school, either covering career progression in a specific vocational area, or by delivering a practical, interactive session to support the school curriculum.

College Tours
Transition Coordinators can arrange for groups of students to visit the college and see for themselves how the college works on a day-to-day basis. If individual students who are not able to access a group visit would like a tour, we can sort out a VIP visit for them.

Support for School Events
Mid Cheshire College will be happy to support school events such as sports days, arts festivals or enterprise events whenever possible. We can also provide practical demonstrations, competitions or master classes to enhance your school events. Examples might involve Hair & Beauty, Catering, Music & Performing Arts or Art & Design staff and students.

Introduction to College Talks
We can deliver introductory talks, either in school assemblies or smaller groups, which outline the range of courses, leisure activities, and support and progression routes offered by Mid Cheshire College.

Application Workshops
All school leavers will need to be able to fill in application forms and produce CV’s at some stage. Transition coordinators can deliver sessions aimed at students who wish to apply to Mid Cheshire College, offering help with our own forms, or more general sessions looking broadly at application processes.

Researching For Your Future
Transition Coordinators can deliver this session to support your careers education programme. It would cover how to research occupational areas using a variety of media, labour market information, course searches, and using impartial and partial sources of information to support career planning.

14-16 Courses
Mid Cheshire College offers schools the opportunity to send Year 10 and 11 students to college for an afternoon each week to take a vocational course with a nationally recognised qualification.  This is a suitable route for students who have a well formed career plan, or who would benefit from the chance to try out an idea that they are considering. Some students use this programme to develop useful life skills. We are always interested to hear from schools who have ideas for this programme and we aim to be as responsive as possible to schools’ needs and learners’ interests.

Primary College
We can open up our facilities to Year 6 pupils to offer a taste of some vocational areas presented in an exciting and practical way. Primary College sessions are always scheduled during the summer term.


Work Experience
We will try to accommodate requests from schools to provide short work experience placements in specific areas of the college.


For more information, please contact our Transition Coordinator:
Nicola Stenton                   
Tel: 01606 720513