At Mid Cheshire College we are committed to working towards a greener College environment.

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Sustrans… Giving Mid Cheshire College ‘Pedal Power’

This year, Mid Cheshire College will be supporting Sustrans, a leading UK charity that aims to reduce congestion by encouraging and enabling people to travel by foot, bike or public transport for more of the journeys that we make everyday. The Sustrans led project is funded by LSTF (Local Sustainable Transport Fund) and aims to improve the conditions and health of the community in and around Hartford by promoting ‘active travel’.

In conjunction with Sustrans, Mid Cheshire College is carrying out a number of activities in order to promote the scheme. Activities include presentations from key national journalists and three Bike Festivals to promote and encourage cycling throughout the campus, as well as inviting schools from the surrounding areas.

As part of our Media course, Mid Cheshire College students have been invited to produce a film to help promote the importance of active travel, uncovering a rich local history of cycling and bike culture. To aid them, they will also be constructing a ‘Pedal Power Cinema’, a unique and exciting presentation tool that addresses elements such as energy usage and the environment.

Focus Group

Mid Cheshire College now has a sustainability Focus Group. Do you have any ideas that would help us to further our greener outlook and cut emissions even further? Please email any suggestions to, we will take any idea on board.