Employer Charter

The Mid Cheshire College Commitment

Our commitment sets out our expectations and how the College will work in partnership with you to provide a first class service for your business needs and support students’ learning to ensure that they achieve their true potential and maximise future personal and career opportunities.

The Mid Cheshire College Philosophy

  • We believe in education for all and as such, are proud to be an inclusive college which provides a wide range of entry points and flexible delivery options
  • We believe in investing in quality to bring about sustainable growth
  • We believe that by working as one team, with our six organisational core values as our guide, we will achieve our long-term aims and ambitions
  • We believe that working in partnership brings benefits for all our customers and stakeholders.
  • We believe that every learner should leave the College with the skills, knowledge and self-confidence to take advantage of any career and personal opportunities that present themselves in the future

We support all our students, we treat them with respect and have due regard for their privacy and wellbeing, regardless of: age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex or sexual orientation.

Mid Cheshire College is committed to developing learner so that they are:

  • Confident and capable of working independently
  • Employable
  • Literate and numerate
  • Well informed
  • Responsible citizens

The College’s Core Values:

  1. We always place learning and the learner first
  2. We recognise, deliver and reward excellence
  3. We encourage and value creativity and innovation
  4. We respect and support each other
  5. We challenge, inspire and motivate
  6. We always deliver the best we can

As an Employer you can expect:

  • The College to identify and meet your training needs by undertaking a training needs analysis and make the best use of labour market information
  • To be provided with appropriate and relevant training and receive services of the highest quality
  • Bespoke and flexible training programmes that are designed and delivered to meet your needs
  • Your learners to be on the right programme to ensure that their training meets your needs and offers a return on your investment
  • Qualified trainer/assessors who will support your learner in the workplace and where appropriate, through day release at the College
  • Your learner to be visited in the workplace every 4 weeks as a minimum
  • To be involved in all or some of the visits to ensure that the training is meeting your expectations
  • Visits to normally last between 1 & 2 hours, arranged at a suitable time and for the visits to have minimal disruption to your normal working day
  • The College to work with you to offer a natural progression for your learner which will meet yours and their aspirations
  • The College to monitor compliance with Health and Safety and Equality and Diversity requirements throughout the whole training programme

As an Employer, you commit to:

  • Ensuring that your learner(s) attend College when required
  • Supporting the learner with working towards their qualification whilst on the job
  • Assigning a workplace mentor to your learner to help and guide them when we are not there
  • Ensuring that the workplace mentor is involved in discussions with our assessor to understand how the evidence will be generated
  • Ensuring the mentor is aware of the learner’s programme of study
  • Employing and paying the learner in accordance with the agreed terms and conditions as defined in a Contract of Employment
  • Apprentices must be paid in line with the Skills Funding Agency requirements for Apprentices
  • Agreeing with the Learner Provider and the learner an Individual Learning Plan (ILP)
  • Carrying out induction training within the first week
  • Providing, as far as is reasonably practical, the experience, facilities and training necessary to achieve the apprenticeship framework
  • Ensuring that the learner is treated fairly and reasonably along with the rest of the workforce and not discriminate or act unfairly against
  • Undertaking the legal and contractual responsibilities for the Health, Safety and Welfare of the learner
  • Implementing any remedial actions identified on Health & Safety Vetting checks or any other subsequent Health & Safety inspections
  • Providing reasonable access to the Company’s premises to any College or Skills Funding Agency  representatives and other external agencies
  • Advising the College of any absence by the learner for holiday, sickness or other reason as they occur

Our apprenticeships cover the following sectors


Want to get paid to earn a degree-level qualification? You can at Mid Cheshire College thanks to our new Higher Apprenticeship courses.

You’ll work towards a nationally recognised qualification demonstrating your understanding and expertise in your chosen industry. You’ll combine assessment work with vital real-life experience, putting your knowledge into action at work.

You’ll follow a bespoke learning plan, created collaboratively by your employer and Mid Cheshire College, and designed to give you the most relevant teaching and training for your chosen industry.

You’ll complete the apprenticeship with a National Vocational Qualification (QCF) equivalent to a Bachelor’s degree, as well as a portfolio of completed work, a Technical Certificate, and proven on-the-job experience.

Entry requirements for Higher Apprenticeships are flexible, as apprentices will come from a range of education and employment backgrounds. If you’d like to discuss Higher Apprenticeships, get in touch with one of our advisors.

Want to find out more about gaining a professional qualification while you work? Get in touch now to discuss the right apprenticeship opportunity for you.

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