NVQ Level 2 in Professional Cookery

“I have two cooks within my kitchen, who are doing their N.V.Q. It has really benefited the running of the kitchen. They have become more interested in what they are doing. As a manager having an enthusiastic team, who want to do well and who are also driven to complete their Qualifications and achieve something for themselves, makes my job a lot easier.” Julian, Head Chef


NVQ Level 3 in Management

“John Saunders is our NVQ tutor here at Vions Foods-Winsford on our Level 3 Management NVQ. John has been really helpful and supportive to all four of us during the months we have been doing this NVQ. 3 of the team here are Slovak/Polish and John has been extra helpful with Lubica, Magda and Maja. If they have had problems with confidence in English he has encouraged them and helped them see that they are doing well and can complete the NVQ course. He is very approachable and we all feel we can ask him any questions and he has lots of patience!! He explains things well and gives good advice.” Jayne Pountain, Contract Manager


NVQ Level 2 in Food & Drink
NVQ Level 3 in Hospitality Supervision

“I currently have several staff members who are currently working towards their NVQ. I have found that their confidence and motivation has increased significantly and they are now more willing to carry out new tasks. Additionally, they are taking on these tasks under their own initiative, without direction which makes the running of the Inn more efficient and effective.” Sue Canham, Manager

NVQ Level 2 & 3 in Business Administration
NVQ Level 2 in Highway Maintenance
NVQ Level 3 in Occupational Works Supervision
Excel Training, First Aid at Work

“We’ve always had a motivated team but the training has definitely helped to maximise productivity and efficiency and it’s helped workers share our corporate goals. The technology we are using is increasingly sophisticated, we need to prepare ahead for future skills requirements and the NVQ level 2 and 3 training already carried out here will stand us in good stead.” Richard Davies, Operations Manager

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Want to get paid to earn a degree-level qualification? You can at Mid Cheshire College thanks to our new Higher Apprenticeship courses.

You’ll work towards a nationally recognised qualification demonstrating your understanding and expertise in your chosen industry. You’ll combine assessment work with vital real-life experience, putting your knowledge into action at work.

You’ll follow a bespoke learning plan, created collaboratively by your employer and Mid Cheshire College, and designed to give you the most relevant teaching and training for your chosen industry.

You’ll complete the apprenticeship with a National Vocational Qualification (QCF) equivalent to a Bachelor’s degree, as well as a portfolio of completed work, a Technical Certificate, and proven on-the-job experience.

Entry requirements for Higher Apprenticeships are flexible, as apprentices will come from a range of education and employment backgrounds. If you’d like to discuss Higher Apprenticeships, get in touch with one of our advisors.

Want to find out more about gaining a professional qualification while you work? Get in touch now to discuss the right apprenticeship opportunity for you.

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