Entry Level Certificate In ESOL Skills for Life Entry 3

Course Dates: 
Wednesday, September 10, 2014 to Wednesday, June 10, 2015
What is the programme structure? : 

You are taught through a mixture of lectures, group activities, discussions and practical activities. Learners are expected to improve all four language skills, with particular emphasis on the skill focus speaking and listening. Learners on this course receive tutoring and are entitled to all the services and resources the college provides.

Who is the programme for? : 

For speakers of other languages, we will help you to develop the skills you need for work, study or home. You can study full time or part time, in the day (Winsford) or evening (Hartford) The ESOL skill for life course includes elements of citizenship as recommend by the Home Office.

How long does it take to complete? : 

16 weeks part time.

What qualifications do I need? : 

No prior qualifications required.

What does it include? : 

We have a range of English language classes from beginners (Entry Level 1) to advanced (Level 2) All of our courses teach you reading, writing. Speaking and information technology and study skills. You can also choose to study numeracy. The schemes of work and resources are matched to the skills for life, national strategy for improving adult numeracy and literacy skills and citizenship elements. Particular attention is given to ensuring that the topics and contexts used for teaching and improving language skills are relevant to learners.

Are there any special facilities for the programme? : 

You will have access to the library, computer rooms, interactive resources and educational trips.

Will there be any extra costs involved? : 

We recommend the purchase of a bilingual dictionary.

How is the programme assessed? : 

You are assessed by EDEXCEL exams in May.

What award will I achieve? : 

ESOL certificate in Skills for life

Examining/Validating Body : 
What can I do next? : 

Learners on this programme who are able can progress within the programme from Entry Level 1 to Level 2 and then within the mainstream provision of the college. If you are interested in studying full time, call us or email to request an application form. If you want to study part time you won’t need to send us an application form. At your appointment, you will be interviewed by an English language teacher who will assess your language level and together you will decide which type of course is best for you.

Equal Opportunities: 

Mid Cheshire College is committed to the implementation of a policy to achieve equality of opportunity for all staff, students and members of the community it serves. In doing so the College will actively work to achieve equality regardless of age, race, skin colour, disability, gender, marital status, sexuality and faith. The College supports the government initiative ‘Every Child Matters’ and ‘Youth Matters’ and all courses include elements which contribute to students achieving the five outcomes, namely, being healthy, staying safe, enjoying and achieving, making a positive contribution and achieving economic well-being.

How do I get further information? : 

Contact the college on 01606 74444 alternatively visit the website www.midchesh.ac.uk or email info@midchesh.ac.uk

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