Looking for the formula for future success in the science industry? Apply now for a Science course at Mid Cheshire College.

Whatever future role you have in mind — from Astrophysics to Zoology — an Applied Science course will give you the foundation you need.

You’ll benefit from lectures, visits and practical lab teaching, working with a range of equipment in the department’s laboratories.

You’ll be conducting your own experiments and investigations, applying the knowledge you’ve gained and building the lab skills you’ll need for many scientific industries.

You’ll finish the course boasting a range of essential lab technician skills, a solid theoretical grounding in applied science, and a wealth of investigative experience, to carry with you into Higher Education or a job in a range of scientific industries.

Potential Science careers include:
Science technician, school technician, pharmacist, laboratory technician, science educator, teacher, dental nurse, food scientist, agricultural scientist, environmental scientist.

Courses Available

Course Title
BTEC 90 Credit Diploma in Applied Science

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