Student Union-Learner Voice

The Learner Voice Experience Group is run by learners and supported by the Learner Voice team which consists of Karen Rough the Director of Curriculum and Claire Billington, Learner Voice Administrator.

The role of the Learner Voice is to promote the interests and well-being of learners, and to ensure that they are actively involved in maintaining and developing the quality of the learner experience at Mid Cheshire College.

Learners contribute to the running of the Learner Experience Group by becoming a Course Representative or Subject Area Student Leader.

Meet the Learner Voice Team

Course Representatives

Each full-time course has a Course Representative. Each term the Course Representatives meet with their course to discuss their experiences and ideas, which are then passed on to the Subject Area Rep for their area.

Subject Area Student Leaders

There is one Subject Area Student Leader for each Subject Area. They meet with the Course Reps to clarify the information gained from the Course Meetings and to work out suggestions to present to the College Leadership Team. They are also responsible for organising any societies, clubs or fundraising activities that their fellow learners would like to be implemented.

Learner Experience flow chart